Hip-Hop Pioneer, Big Lez Visits Beauty And The Beat

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It was a great day for women on Beauty and the Beat Radio when the legendary choreographer, multi-talented, host, and actress, Big Lez a.k.a. Leslie Segar  took us down memory lane with all of the iconic people she has worked and danced with from Oprah and Prince to Whitney Houston and updated us about her future projects she’s currently working on acting and as a producer!

She was joined by fellow guest of the show, model, actress, and stand-up comic, Eugenia Kuzmina who also stopped by to visit us in the studio! Eugenia spoke about her time on the runway with women like Naomi Campbell and legendary photographers and designers such as Hermes and what its’ like to be a working mother. We were all charmed by her sense of humor and hearing about her shocking truth comedy.


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