Mental Toughness Love Coach & Author Ms. Hitch on BATB

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Uh oh ladies and gentleman, read with caution, #TruthAlert!  Celebrity match-maker and author of, ‘Why Married Men Cheat’, Ms. Hitch stopped by Beauty and the Beat Radio to discuss her new book, Why Married Men Cheat and unloaded a whole lot of details. The book is a MUST READ and available online at!

Beauty and The Beat Radio, kept it way real with Ms. Hitch as did she with us by keeping it real and going over some of the many reasons married men cheat and why some of the many unknown reasons, such as insecurities, boredom or just because allowed.  She also clued us in on other services she offered such as counseling, and arranging honeymoons from the most simplest arrangements to lavish livings! Be sure to check this power house woman and her new book out for more JUICY details!  To view full show CLICK HERE!

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